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AIRED: November 7, 2011– 11 am PST

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TITLE: “Coach Yourself to Win

SPECIAL GUESTS: Howard Guttman, Author and Principal of Guttman Development Strategies, Inc.(GDS)

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No matter what your goal, Allen and Dr. Melody discuss with Howard Guttman how you can take control of your behavior and command your future by using his 7-step self-coaching system for personal and professional improvement. Howard’s approach is unique. His latest book, Coach Yourself to Win, demonstrates that life-changing improvement, however difficult, is within your reach.

To successfully coach yourself, you need a clear, sure-footed pathway to your new future. Howard’s proven 7-step process has helped elevate the performance of hundreds of executives over the past 20 years. They’re a demanding group! For the first time, that process is yours.

Reading Coach Yourself to Win is like having a conversation with yourself. In down-to-earth language, Howard explains the what, why, and how of each step of his process and provides real-life examples to illustrate his points. Then it’s your turn. Action Steps in each chapter—they also appear on this Web site—take you along the pathway to growth and permanent change, asking you key questions to provoke your thinking and prompt you to steady progress.

Whether your goal is personal or professional, Coach Yourself to Win will not only enable you to achieve your present Intention, but by mastering the self-coaching process you will acquire the capability to continuously achieve success in realizing future Intentions you set for yourself.

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