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Aired: November 16, 2009 – 11:00 AM PST
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SPECIAL GUEST: Dana Bedford Hilmer, Author of “Blindsided by a Diaper”, founder of www.LifestyleMom.com and future host (launching January 5 2010) of Lifestyle Mom Radio Café on LA Talk Radio

Dana Hilmer is with us today with suggestions on how to keep your relationship with your partner vibrant amidst the chaos of raising kids.”  Whatever their age!  Dana is the author of Blindsided by a Diaper, an anthology revealing the inside scoop on how parenthood changes a relationship.  Dana is also the founder of LifestyleMom.com and she will be hosting, right here on LA Talk Radio,her own show entitled The LifestyleMom Radio Café, premiering Tuesday, January 5th.

In Blindsided by a Diaper, Dana Bedford Hilmer has craftily compiled a collection by various respected writers discussing their personal accounts of how the dynamics of parenting has transformed their cozy and not so cozy relationship of two to the sometimes chaotic whirlwind of family life.

It used to be just the two. Now enters a baby, or maybe even a few kids, and the luxury of time–to frolic, talk, romance, and simply hang out–is gone, replaced by a big dose of chaos and the demands of little people who rule the home with small, adorable iron fists.

The refreshing honesty of the men and women authors featured in Blindsided by a Diaper is tantamount to a productive stint on the therapist’s couch. Or rather, a group therapy session where parents vent!

Whether you are expecting or already have a house full of little ones or even contemplating having children, this book will be your survivor’s tool and many of the authors who candidly shared their experiences in this collection will become your friends!

Dana Bedford Hilmer is a writer and editor who worked in New York magazine publishing for twelve years. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three young sons.

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