Michelle Rose GilmanAIRED: June 27, 2011– 11 am PST

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TITLE: “Benefits of Customized Learning”

SPECIAL GUESTS: Michelle Rose Gilman | President and Founder, Fusion Academy and Learning Center


Michelle Rose Gilman joins Allen and Melody to discuss the values of customized learning and Fusion Academy’s academic excellence, and the skills that will serve him or her well upon entering our global community.

One-to-One Learning where teachers utilize a variety of methodologies to cater to different learning styles and engage students in the learning process. One-to-one teaching also makes us an ideal school for ADHD children and for children with learning differences. Learn more about One-to-One Learning.

Flexible Scheduling to fast-track to graduation? Want to take time off for traveling? Flexible scheduling works on many levels, for many different situations. Some students need extra time to master particularly challenging subjects. Other students start the day later so that they can practice their sport in the morning. And still others need to take long stretches of time off during the year. The hours of the day are flexible to each student’s needs, as is the annual schedule – unlike a traditional school the class is simply put on hold until the student returns. Learn more about Flexible Scheduling.

Arts and Music Programs – Creative expression is an integral part of personal development. Our student art studio features a multitude of mediums, while our musicians are supported with student music labs and a state-of-the-art recording studio. Learn more about our Arts and Music Programs.

The Anti-Homework Solution – Homework is often a source of contention between parents and students. At Fusion, we take the “home” out of homework and put it back in school where it belongs. Using the Homework Café®, students complete their homework under faculty supervision each day, before leaving school for the day. Learn more about the Homework Café®.

Therapeutic Services – As an alternative school with a strong therapeutic component, our professional Educational and Family Therapists provide critical support to students in need, helping them overcome the emotional, social, and psychological difficulties so easily developed within the modern world. Learn more about our Therapeutic Services.

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