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TITLE: “Stepping Up: How How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything”


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“In Stepping Up”, Dr. John Izzo  discusses with Allen and Dr. Melody that almost every problem, from global warming to personal issues to business challenges can be solved if we take action instead of relying on others for solutions or blaming others and feeling like a victim. Taking responsibility and action empowers you and when you step up and initiate change, others follow.

And you don’t have be in a position of power to make a difference. Leadership is posture and attitude, not a title. Stepping Up is rich with real life down to earth examples of how ordinary people accomplished extraordinary things. You’ll read about two teenagers who took a stand to stop bullying, a middle-aged Italian shopkeeper who fought back against the Mafia, an executive who turned a dying division into a profit center, a group that helped stop the hunting of whales, three women who bought beads from a woman in Uganda which lead to helping thousands start businesses, two young teachers who helped revitalize inner city schools, and many more.

John Izzo’s book will ignite the spark. All it takes is little willingness and courage on your part to take the first step and keep the fire lit.

Remember, Stepping Up is not just a book—it’s a movement!

Take action. Reclaim your power. Leave your victim mentality behind. Help build a better community and better workplace. Stop bullying. Encourage tolerance and kindness. Go green. Improve morale. Save your relationship.

Do something—anything!

If not you, who? If not now, when?



John Izzo is a leading business leadership expert and community leader. He consults and advises some of the most admired companies in the world, teaches at major universities, conducts leading edge research on workplace values, and has spoken to more than one million people across the globe.
A best-selling author of four books including Awakening Corporate Soul and Values Shift Izzo shows business how to create a workplace environment that creates true employee engagement and wins the hearts of their people. His fifth and latest book, Stepping Up: How Taking Responsibility Changes Everything offers inspiration and practical advice on how ordinary people can step up and make a difference in work, family, community or the world.
When companies and leaders want to know how to create inspiring, powerful workplaces and admired brands, they call on John Izzo

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