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TITLE: “Building Bridges – Adventure-based Therapy”

SPECIAL GUEST: Kurt Fairbank


Situated in some of the most scenic forested area in the country, outdoor activities at Building Bridges are both a vital and natural extension of their program. Showing young men new and positive outlets for their energies is another tool for them to use in a sober and manageable lifestyle. From backpacking, hiking, mountain-biking, rafting, rock-climbing, fishing, and water skiing in the summer, to ice fishing, sledding, skiing, and snowboarding in the winter, they offer ample opportunities for our students to experience the great outdoors in a manner that not only provides a healthy outlet for their energy, but is structured in such a way as to provide a growth opportunity. While many of our excursions are day-trips, several – especially over the summer months – may last up to two weeks. Being located in the Lolo national forest, within a walking distance of the Clark Fork River and within a short drive of the Thompson, Flathead, and Bull Rivers.

Each excursion also offers numerous opportunities for personal growth, whether it is from a structured Master Plan over one of our longer summer treks, the opportunity to face and overcome a demanding challenge, the acknowledgment of a job well-done after a community service project, or simply the bonding and positive reinforcement that is a natural effect of such outdoor activities. Whatever the activity, we recognize the power of ‘Nature’s Classroom’ and take advantage of every opportunity to let our students grow in that environment.


Our Guest today is Kurt Fairbank who serves as the Clinical director at Building Bridges. He is a Licensed Addiction Counselor, and carries a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling. As Steve’s son, Kurt has been ‘in the business’ his entire life and has been working as a counselor for at-risk youth for over a decade. Prior to joining Building Bridges, Kurt worked as a counselor at a wilderness based program. Both his lifelong experience with Building Bridges and his fresh perspectives make Kurt an indispensable member of our team.

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