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RADIO HOST | “Answers for the Family” was born out of a desire to help guide parents and adolescent services industry professionals alike to professional resources as they face critical moments with their children and/or clients. The show addresses issues such as: Locating your runaway teen, family crisis intervention, building self esteem, dealing with addictions, international parental abduction as well as many of the “everyday” concerns of parents. We also  introduce you to insightful authors, specialized schools, treatment programs and new innovations that can help bring more joy and love for you and your family..

PROFESSIONAL | A licensed private investigator for more than 30 years, Allen and his staff at Westshield Adolescence Services, have escorted thousands of teens to specialized schools and programs, returned hundreds of runaways and retrieved many abducted children.

AUTHOR | Allen is author of “Running Away in America, How Runaways Become Part of the Slave Trade” and co-author with world renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown entitled, “Fight for Your Dreams.”

SPEAKER | As a guest speaker at corporate conferences, special events, and on radio and TV; Allen is described as one of the most “engaging and passionate” of presenters. Top in his field, he has important insights into the challenges families face when dealing with “at risk” youth and teen runaways in America.


Are You A Meeting Planner Who Needs a Dynamic Speaker or Radio Guest with a unique message that touches almost every family in our country?


The number of runaway youths in America has reached staggering proportions and continues to grow. A national incident study authorized by the Department of Justice estimated that over 450,000 teenagers ran away in 1988.

The US Government reports that in 1990 there were approximately 1.3 million runaway and homeless youths on the streets. All indications from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are that the numbers have been increasing each year since 1988.

2007 statistics show that one in seven kids between the ages of 10 and 18 will run away at some point. And there are 1 million to 3 million runaway and homeless kids living on the streets in the United States.

International studies show that nearly every industrialized country struggles with many of the same issues with runaway teens as that of the United States. How can we reverse this trend?


As a father of a two young boys entering their teen years, Allen believes that we must raise our children from dependency to independence while showing them how to collaborate as a group or family without manipulation. Parents should see assertive challenges to their authority as a signal to improve communication within the family, acknowledge that their teen is attempting to become more independent. Parents can help young people achieve independence by establishing a more collaborative decision-making style.

Getting them off the streets
During Allen’s presentations, he provides amazing insight into the lives adolescents who are already on the streets and appears to be a danger to him or others. He shares with audiences fascinating personal stories regarding the techniques he uses to locating runaways. These investigations are probably as close as one gets to the old “gum shoe” style of pounding the pavement, showing pictures or following those you think will be in contact with the subject, as well as the use of “trap lines” and computer “cookies” that modern technology that help locate where the subject is or where they might be headed.

In most cases, just locating and getting the teen home is not enough. An important part of Allen’s talk includes what happens if parents have their teen brought home without a plan. The fact is that the teen will probably go right back out the window – if not the next night, the next conflict. Parents should have a plan they think will work, and if it doesn’t – depending upon the issues at hand – they should contact a professional.

What to do next?

Allen has 30 plus years in the field dealing with families with teens “at risk”. In the course of his career, he has extensive knowledge regarding a range of specialized resources, programs and facilities that can help parents help their children.

If your goal is to bring a theme and solutions to your audience, Allen Cardoza would be an excellent choice.

To Book Allen for Your Upcoming Event or Radio / TV Show… Contact: Janet Shapan (303) 916.6303 or send request via our Contact Form.

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