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What seems to be forgotten in our current society, is that our children are our most important “treasure”, not our possessions or our status in life.  The reality is that in the – not too distant – future, our respective cultures, as well as the  health and well-being of our planet, will rest in hands of today’s youth. It will be their collective consciousness and abilities to manage this fragile planet that will determine our mutual fates.

A statement that has proven true in the last year, is that all of us, regardless of whether we live in rural, suburban or urban environments are impacted and dependent on the health of our nation’s and the world-wide economy.

So, isn’t it time that we all take a close look  our priorities … that we embrace those closest to us, our children, families friends… and our seniors. Most of all, that we teach our kids that compassion towards other less fortunate, integrity and truth are far more important than the car we drive, the last fashion or the size of our bank accounts.

“Answers for the Family” is a platform dedicated to getting “these important messages out” and promoting those individuals, institutions and programs that are making a positive difference in the lives of families and teens around the world. If one teen headed down the wrong path, turns around and becomes a productive member of our society because of our show, we will feel “Answers for the Family” has been a great success.

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