Aired: October 13, 2008 – 11:00 AM PST

TITLE:  In Achieving Optimum Health and Wellness

Special Guest: Dr. Art Ulene, Medical Expert and Author of Complete Guide to Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs

Dr. Art Ulene has spent his adult life helping others find good health and joy in their lives. Listen to Allen and Dr. Ulene discuss topics ranging from the growing problem of obesity to utilizing “free” media to increase any organization’s marketing effort; and as a bonus, get free relaxation therapy at the end of the show!


  • Medical expert who contributed to NBC’s “TODAY” for 23 years
  • Spearheaded national health campaigns sponsored by major food and pharmaceutical companies
  • Developed local health programs sponsored by hospitals, health groups and pharmacies nationwide

Living Well In A Stress-Filled World: You Don’t Have To Get Sick

It’s almost impossible to live in today’s world without experiencing stress, but Dr. Ulene says, “You don’t have to get sick over it.” Unfortunately, many people haven’t got the message yet; stress-related problems are one of the most common reasons for visits to doctors today. In his uniquely engaging way, Dr. Ulene involves audience members in activities that prove the dramatic impact of stress and then shows them how to cancel the ill effects. This presentation actually makes audience members feel better, sending them out better prepared to manage the stress in their lives.

Dr. Art Ulene’s Vitality Challenge: A Prescription for Health

Based on Dr. Ulene’s best-selling book and month-long national television series.

Millions of times every day, America’s physicians prescribe potent medications for their ailing patients. Dr. Ulene offers his audiences a different kind of prescription: a preventive measure that that goes far beyond the treatment of symptoms to produce true vitality. His prescription includes 20 scientifically-supported actions that can not only reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease, but improve your sleep, increase your energy level, and add joy to your life. And his prescription doesn’t cost a cent to fill!

Using Media to Solve Health Problems

No one questions the power of mediated messages to support health-related business goals. Literally every paid medium is filled with such messages today – because they work. But at what cost? Dr. Ulene demonstrates how the rational use of “free” media can be used not only to lower costs, but to increase the impact and reach of any organization’s marketing efforts. Dr. Ulene relied extensively on “free” media to conduct six major national and local campaigns sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and hospitals and health insurers across the country. He shows how the same concepts and techniques can help your organization reach it’s goals with greater cost-effectiveness.

A board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist, Dr. Art Ulene’s special interest is the application of modern communications technology to health education. Since 1975, Dr. Ulene has spearheaded the use of television to promote public health. He appeared on NBC’s Today program for 23 years, and his nationally-syndicated special health series are seen on local television news programs around the country.

Dr. Ulene’s nationwide health campaigns have resulted in billions of health-promoting impressions that have helped Americans deal with issues such as obesity, high blood cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, nicotine addiction, and women’s and children’s healthcare. His campaigns and educational programs include collaborations with the American Medical Association, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Sponsors of Dr. Ulene’s national campaigns have included Kellogg’s, Kraft Foods, Fleischmann’s, Kotex, Ross Laboratories, Merck and Schering Corporation. Sponsors of Sponsors of Dr. Ulene’s local programs include hospitals, medical groups and pharmacy chains around the nation.

The author of more than 50 books and home video/audio programs designed to promote good health, Dr. Ulene served as a Clinical Professor at the University of Southern California School of Medicine and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the USC/Norris Cancer Hospital. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the AARP Foundation (the charitable arm of AARP) and the University of Southern California Neurosurgery Foundation. He is also on the Advisory Boards of the USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Children’s Partnership and The Lynne Cohen Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Ulene lives in Los Angeles, California, and Park City, Utah, with his wife of 43 years. He is an advanced skier, an avid motorcyclist, and a beginning snowboarder.

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