Dr. Melody Foxx, Co-Host


Dr. Melody Foxx’s career as a radio personality, started in her teens through her early 30’s, working from Mississippi to Los Angeles, with a few cities in between. After several music format shows that incorporated music, dedications, and talking to people who were either crying, loving, or leaving, she wanted to know how to better help people to be in healthier relationships and creating a happier life for themselves, than just giving her opinion and playing a record for them.

Dr. Foxx, went back to school and eventually received her Masters in Counseling Psychology in 1996 and her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2002 and currently is a California Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Foxx has worked for several non-profit organizations, not only working with adults, but the last 14 years focusing on teenagers, children and their families, including high-risk youth in the justice system, foster care, and in group homes.

Most recently Dr. Foxx was the Director of Adolescent School-Based Mental Health Program for a Los Angeles Clinic and brought mental health services and teen support groups to local schools. Dr. Foxx has also taught in the Marriage Family Therapist Master’s Program at Cal State Dominguez Hills, and was the Clinical Supervisor training trainees from both Cal State Dominguez Hills and USC in working with adolescents in the school-based program.

Dr. Foxx currently has a Private Practice in Newport Beach, California, that not only works with adults and their relationships, but specializes working with teens and their families.

Learn more about Dr. Foxx’s work at: www.drmelodyfoxx.com

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