Keith DorschtAIRED:  August 24, 2015– 11 am PST


TITLE: “A Gift from Parents to Teen, You are Unique!”

SPECIAL GUEST: Keith Dorscht

Do you want your teen to follow others or be themselves? Keith Dorscht discusses techniques that parents can use with their teens which will allow them to consider, discover and refine their unique traits and talents.

Parents are trained on how special communication techniques that encourage their children to consider whether they tend to draw attention to themselves or stand on the sidelines and blend in. The ultimate goal is to challenge them to consider ways they can enhance important aspects of their lives to achieve balance, self-esteem and a healthy sense of self as they enter that will carry them on into adulthood.


Keith Dorscht is the Creator of The Communication Cure, an Internet based tool that easily builds relationships through meaningful talk. Keith is first and foremost a husband of 17 years and a very proud father of 6 children age 16-5 years. Professionally Keith has guided over 350 couples through weeklong relationship building intensives.

Additionally, Keith has spent 10,000 hours helping families and individuals heal from life’s pains and grow to reach their full potential in life. Keith’s successful approach and tools for resolving communication problems has earned the praise of doctors, teachers, Army chaplains and therapists around the continent.

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