Al KilleenAIRED: October 17, 2016– 11 am PST


TITLE: “Achieving 4th Level Family Relationships
with Embodied and Empowered Values”

SPECIAL GUEST: Al Killeen, Author and Owner/President of Killeen Development Technologies dba Integrative Mastery Programs and

Al Kileen’s upcoming book, 4 Levels of Identity, is based premise is that humans are capable of achieving an advanced level of identity in all domains of their lives (embodied/empowered values) rather than operating from the ego-based 3rd Level. Unfortunately, most people never truly achieve and live at the 4th Level, but that level is where true effectiveness, power, freedom and significance are generated.

Parenting in today’s media and technology-driven age has never been more challenging. Understanding, moving into, and sustaining a 4th level identity has never been more critical, if we are to live up to the responsibilities of our most-precious role of stewardship.

In this interview, Al will discuss in depth the meaning of 4th Level Identity and how in the realm of families it is not only possible, but critical to creating 4th Level children, which sets them up for meaningful and fulfilled lives, as well bringing success to one’s marriage, work and other relationships.


Al Killeen is the Founder and President of Integrative Mastery Programs He has spent the last 45 years studying the human condition applied to life, relationships and business, through the perspectives of a broad spectrum of traditions. He currently coaches 42 top executives in 22 companies on effective leadership, management and coaching strategies and is in the top 3% in the world for individual business/life coaches.

Al is the author of “Soul Proprietorship: 8 Critical Steps to Overcoming Problems in Business and Life” available at in paperback, audio and e-book formats.

Al has successfully trained integrative Leadership, Management and Coaching skills to hundreds of individuals and organizational executives using the tools and technologies of Integrative Mastery Programs, and consider it to be among the greatest areas of fulfillment and accomplishment in his life.

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